A True Test of Our Measure

A True Test of Our Measure

The global pandemic challenged and connected us like never before. It’s not unusual for the test systems we design to test and characterize our customer’s products under harsh conditions, such as high pressure. Not unlike our customers’ units under test, our company has also been tested “under pressure” throughout the pandemic. I’m proud to say that our team adapted and passed the challenge with great results.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, G Systems was driven by a key strategy to “Protect the Team”. Protecting the team meant not only protecting the “Safety, Health and Well-being” of our team, but also successfully navigating the pandemic with no furloughs and no employee layoffs. Our strategy paid off. As the impact of the pandemic on the industry eased and the COVID-19 supply chain issues resolved, G Systems was able to support the resulting dramatic increase in manufacturing orders with a trained, intact team – ready to execute and deliver on our commitments to our customers.

Financially, G Systems achieved over 100% revenue growth for the last 12 months. Net earnings climbed as well. That’s well above our pre-pandemic forecasts, and proof of G Systems’ resiliency. G Systems forecasts continuation of its recent dramatic and positive revenue and earnings trend. As a result of dramatic growth, we have exciting plans for expansion – expansion of our manufacturing space, and expansion of our proven team with recruiting efforts ramping up to increase our team by 30% by the end of 2021. We are actively recruiting for technical, administrative and management positions.

The pandemic, the economy, social and world conflicts will continue to test businesses. The skills we’ve developed and refined, and the lessons we learned, helped us survive the ongoing pandemic challenge and emerge stronger. Because we specialize in test system modernization, we often must manage obsolescence issues. The skills of adaptability and resourcefulness that we developed and refined in solving test system obsolescence issues are the same skills that helped us pivot and adapt during the pandemic with new ways of working and other changes implemented.

We credit our success to collaboration with our customers and thank them for their loyalty and support over the years. They continue to trust our team’s solutions to not only solve their complex testing needs, but also to enable protection, safety and innovation. We deliver critical systems that help ensure mission success on air, land, sea and space, therefore protecting our nation and our families, ensuring the safety of products, enabling new research to shape future technology/sustainability and innovation. G Systems remains committed to helping our customers adapt and thrive in an ever changing environment.

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