Quick Turn Projects

Quick Turn Projects

One of the reasons G Systems has so much repeat business is our ability to meet tight timelines without sacrificing technical requirements. Over and over, our customers comment on how quickly we are able to design and build systems compared to their internal team — sometimes as much as 2-3x faster than it would have taken their internal team to develop the same system.

This is possible because we don’t have to split our time between production development and test development. Our team is solely dedicated to the test system development. We are fully trained on the necessary tools to develop the test system and we use a streamlined procurement process that enables us to obtain the necessary parts more quickly and often at a lower cost than our customers. Here are a few examples of some projects that illustrate our capability to quickly design and build systems:

  • G Systems completed an Upgrade to the Custom Test System for the U.S. Navy’s MK 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS), which we designed and built in just six months. This was an automated, custom test system for the U.S. Navy’s MK 41 VLS with more than 300 analog channels that served as a full wrap-around test system that covers more than 800 points.
  • We developed and built two common core automated test systems for Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control to validate the subsystems of a missile launcher, Non-Line of Sight Launch System (NLOS-LS), in just eight months. The test platform provides a wide array of instrumentation for complete coverage of test program sets in a single test system.
  • We created three complex systems to perform structural tests for NASA’s Orion spacecraft in just six months. The systems involved advanced mechanical, electrical, and software skills.
  • On the smaller side, G Systems designed and built a low-channel count pressure reading data acquisition system in just a couple days, which might have taken our customer much longer to complete due to their lack of expertise in the toolset.

These are just a few examples of how G Systems accelerates test development and build time for our customers. It may seem counterintuitive – many people think it will take longer to design and build the system through a third party. But time and time again, G Systems has proven that hiring a third party with deep expertise in the tools, processes, and strategies required for automated test system design increases efficiency in the development process and results in highly reliable test systems. 

To learn more about this and how G Systems addresses other common concerns around subcontracting test system development, check out our recent white paper that examines the Addressing the Top Five Fears Around Subcontracting Test Systems

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G Systems, known for their expertise in test system development, was granted the task to help SunPower develop a solar power automated test system to test new printed circuit boards (PCBs). Through this project, G Systems aided in the increase of production line accuracy, reliability, and efficiency, all while decreasing costs to SunPower.