Automated Gage Measurement System

Instrumental to Effective Inspection

Our Automated Gage Measurement System for Sand Screen (AGMS) provides accurate and repeatable optical measurements for all wire-wrapped gaps along the full screen length. This inspection machine enables oil field sand screen manufacturers to meet the measurement requirements of API Spec 19S1 and ISO 17824:2009.

The system enables manufacturers to continuously improve wire wrapping processes to ensure the highest quality and efficiency. The computer-based AGMS control system can be connected with manufacturing networks to ensure product traceability and can be tightly integrated with existing quality systems. For customers who need additional functionality, we also provide full customization services.


  • Enables API Spec 19S1 and ISO 17824:2009 measurements
  • Provides NIST traceable measurements to satisfy ISO 9000
  • Provides process capability insight and repeatable measurements to drive process improvement
  • Easily integrates into production with simple-to-use interface
  • Mature, robust design ensures low-risk implementation
  • Rugged monolithic steel bed with precision rails for high reliability, high precision, and minimal maintenance
  • Configurable software and reports for custom product tolerances and other quality plan-specific information
  • Gap sizes: 0.004 – 0.100 inch
  • Scan range: 2.5 – 44 feet
  • Diameter range: 1 – 10.6 inches
  • Accuracy: ± 0.0005 inch
  • Resolution: ± 0.0001 inch
  • Scan speed: 2 feet/min
  • All wire types – flat or round surfaces
  • Scans jackets or jackets-on-pipe
  • Automated or manual scanning
  • Automated self-calibration check

Customizable Results Output

  • Easy-to-read customer reports in both electronic and hard-copy using customizable MS Excel© report templates
  • Additional detailed measurement results, statistical tables, and charts for each scan for internal process improvement
  • Additional customization services are available from G Systems.

Easy-to-Use Software

  • Automated or manual scanning
Installation Footprint

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