Controlled 19″ Rack Fan

Controlled 19" Rack Fan

This fan system monitors the ambient environment temperature and the internal temperature of the equipment rack and will automatically adjust air flow based on temperature rise within the system.

Product Features

  • Split design to move ambient air into the
    bottom and exhaust warm air out the top
  • Includes a green 22mm diameter LED power indicator
  • Includes 4 variable speed quiet fans
  • Lower panel includes an integrated L5-20P plug
  • L5-20R on the inside for pass through power connections to rack equipment or PDU
  • C13 receptacle on the inside for auxiliary
  • Lower panel include two (2) series III D38999 CAT 6 ethernet pass-through connectors
  • Includes accurate temperature feedback from 2 ambient and 2 rack temperature sensors
  • Stand-alone controller works from -40°C to 85°C
  • Clearly marked and engraved silkscreened text
  • Unique connectors to prevent misconnections between upper and lower panels power and
    control cables
  • Power cord retainer clip prevents accidental
  • Fan speed is a function of the differential
    temperature between the ambient temperature and the internal rack rise temperature


  • Controller runs independently from instrument rack (Microchip Technology ATmega2560)
  • Controller broadcasts JSON status message over USB 2.0
    port – Message includes alarm status, temperature, RPM, and PWM control for all four (4) fans
  • Redundant (2) ambient air temperature sensors with -40°C to 125°C range and ±0.25°C typical precision (MCP9808)
  • Redundant (2) external air temperature sensors with -40°C to 125°C range and ±0.25°C typical precision (MCP9808)
  • High-reliability IP67 PWM-controlled fans: 2 on top panel and 2 on bottom (Noctua NF-14)
  • Combined upper and lower panel can move 634 cfm at maximum speed
    L5-30P 125VAC 30 amp plug with protective rubber flap (Hubbell HBL2615SW)
  • L5-30R 125VAC 30 amp receptacle on interior (Hubbell HBL2616)
  • 250VAC 10A receptacle on interior (IEC 60320 C13)
  • Single point grounding terminal available for grounding equipment rack
  • 2 CAT 6 RJ-45 connectors (with dust covers) for rack internal passthrough connections (Amphenol RJFTV62A1N)
  • Fans covered by protective stainless steel guards inside and out

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