Value Leak Measurement System

Instrumental to the Integrity of Your Valves

The G Systems Valve Leak Measurement System (VLMS) reliably measures slow leaks that are unidentifiable with conventional leak detectors, helping manufacturers test and ensure that critical valves are absolutely airtight.

The G Systems VLMS is a self-contained counting instrument for automating the industry-standard practice of leak detection by bubble formation using a submerged tube in water. The G Systems VLMS provides accurate measurement of leaks that are too small for conventional flow meters to reliably detect and is ideal for applications that must be absolutely airtight, including medical device, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and plumbing valves.

The product includes a simple, touch-screen operator interface for configuration and control of the measurement process. The interface also provides bubble count, inferred flow rate, elapsed time, and camera images in real time as the test progresses, and the system stores data for later recall.

Clients use the G Systems VLMS in R&D to understand valve capacity and acceleration/deceleration of leaks by monitoring an application for 24+ hours via camera images. The G Systems VLMS is also used for end-of-line testing, when engineers take advantage of built-in alerts that occur when the system encounters a bubble. In addition, clients can send test data and images to their customers, to ensure the validity of a valve before the product ships, without requiring the customer to travel to the manufacturing site.

G Systems also offers customization services to interface the VLMS software directly to a specific database, or to provide additional real-time information.


The G Systems VLMS fully integrates with any new or existing test fixture and data system, and can be wall mounted, installed on a bench-top, or mounted directly on a machine frame. The system includes additional USB ports to connect an external keyboard/mouse (not required), a bar code scanner, or removable storage devices. The G Systems VLMS is compatible with API Standard 527, Seat Tightness of Pressure Relief Valves.

Overall, the product reduces man-hours required for valve testing and ensures more accurate, automated results, rather than simply keeping watch for a leak, while providing archived data results from the test.

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