G Systems Introduces the Dynamic Signal Buffered Splitter

G Systems Introduces the Dynamic Signal Buffered Splitter

DALLAS, Texas – July 30, 2015 – G Systems, a leading provider of solutions for automated test and measurement, data acquisition, and control systems, announces its new dynamic signal buffered splitter instrument.

Dynamic Signal Buffered Splitter

G Systems Dynamic Signal Buffered Splitter provides dual outputs from a single signal input and buffers the secondary output from the primary. This feature allows signals to be monitored with an external instrument without affecting the primary system measurements. Sensors are connected to the front input signal, and the un-buffered (pass-through) outputs are connected to the primary Data Acquisition System (DAQ) on the rear panel. The buffered outputs can be connected to an external instrument through the buffered output front panel connection. This device enables test engineers to connect external measurement instruments to the system for additional measurement functionality or diagnostics without affecting the measurements on the primary measurement system. Typical sensor measurement inputs include accelerometers, microphones, pressure, and proximity. For example, a short connected to the buffered output will not affect the pass-through outputs. For customers needing additional functionality, G Systems also provides hardware and software customization services.

About G Systems, L.P.

Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, G Systems, L.P. (G Systems) is a leading integrator of test and measurement automation solutions for the aerospace/defense, energy, life sciences, semiconductor, and telecom industries. With over 25 years experience refining a proven design methodology and integration process, G Systems is known for consistently delivering high-quality low-risk solutions that improve process quality and efficiency from design and prototype development through final production. G Systems offers services ranging from expert consulting to single or multi-unit turnkey deployment. Capabilities include software, electrical and mechanical design and build, data management, and system builds as well as build-to-print systems.

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