Recent Article in Military Embedded Systems features G Systems VP of Engineering

Recent Article in Military Embedded Systems features G Systems VP of Engineering

The September issue of Military Embedded Systems magazine features an article on hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation testing for defense and aerospace testing systems. Written by the magazine’s Associate Editor, Mariana Iriarte, the column includes interviews with several industry experts — including G Systems Vice President of Engineering, Dave Baker. 

Dave and other experts cover how, with HIL simulation testing, engineers are able to cost-effectively perform defense and aerospace testing by running the components through complex scenarios. Read the full article to learn what Dave and other leaders in the test system development field had to say about the use of HIL simulation testing.

Our white paper Designing Rugged Test Systems for the Harshest Environments may also interest you. This white paper explores the best practices for designing, testing, and deploying rugged test systems that are built to last, even in the most extreme environments. Download the white paper and read more here.

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