A Beginner’s Road Map to Communicating Test Requirements

A Beginner’s Road Map to Communicating Test Requirements

Maximize Your Test System Development: Optimize Your Performance, Reliability and Usability by Starting with Good Requirements

Whether you are developing your own system or have decided to outsource your test system design, your requirements are crucial to the outcome of your system. Our goal is to get you thinking at a high level about what to consider when communicating your requirements. It’s likely that you draft test requirements in-house as you design your test system. If you’re outsourcing your test design to a company like G Systems, you need to provide the test requirements; however, you may not be familiar with how to write requirements.  

If you do decide to outsource your test system design to a company like G Systems, below is a list of some of the test requirements you would need to provide.

This is based on the example of a manufacturing test system for an electronic assembly. Your outline will vary based on your test system purpose and design:

  • Complete electrical interface specifications
    • Source impedance
    • Load impedance requirements
    • Logic families
    • Analog ranges
    • Hazardous voltages
    • Bandwidth/clock speeds
    • Stimulus definitions
    • Measurement requirements
  • Complete physical interface requirement
    • Quantity
    • Dimensions
    • Connector type
    • Insertions lifetime
  • Steps necessary to insure UUT meets its raison d’être
    • Subsection(s) test requirements
    • Top level test requirements
    • Inter-component dependencies
  • Test time or throughput requirements
  • Test cost limits or budgets
  • Expected test lifetime
  • Maintainability requirements
  • Reparability requirements
  • Duplicable requirements
  • Test systems’ correlation requirements

For more information, check out our more detailed post. You may also find useful our blog on choosing whether to make or buy your next test system.

Please contact us with questions or to learn more about how we may be able to help your company. 

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