Read Our Quick Checklist: Deciding to Create or Outsource Your Test System

Read Our Quick Checklist: Deciding to Create or Outsource Your Test System

One single decision can influence many future actions involving your company’s test systems: should you make your next test system internally or look to an outside company for turnkey test system designs? If you’re a test engineering manager, you know this is a challenging decision in today’s market and likely affects the future of your company’s test team. 

Our quick checklist may help make the decision to create in-house or outsource your next test and measurement system.

We know there is pressure to lower costs – while keeping your system test performance low-risk and without sacrificing the quality of your test and measurement automation design.

Here is a checklist test managers should consult when considering whether to make or buy your next test system:

  • Do you have the staff, with the appropriate experience, to design the needed test system?
  • Can your internal personnel get the tasks completed within your deadline?
  • Are there any specialized controls of instrumentation required? If so, do the engineers at your company have these necessary skills?
  • Can your purchasing department or chain acquire all needed parts before the build phase starts, so you can meet your schedule?
  • Do you have technicians that can assemble all the parts as designed by the test engineers?
  • Can you verify the operation of the test system in time to hit the manufacturing production target date?
  • What test risk are you willing to attach to the future of your company’s new product?
  • Are you (or your team) well-versed in communicating the test requirements that your engineers will need to design your test system?
  • Have you weighed all the costs, including time to market, cost to implement, quality and longevity?

G Systems often knows more about our customers’ test processes than they know or realize. Because of our unmatched test system development experience, we know the right techniques and strategies to make our customers successful.

If you do make the decision to outsource the build of your next test system, you may want to read our blog on writing test requirements; your requirements are the key to optimizing your test system’s performance, reliability and usability.

Contact us directly to discuss your needs with an experienced colleague. Part of your test system strategy may include engaging a capable partner.

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