Faster Test times, Increased Throughput and Test Automation

Faster Test times, Increased Throughput and Test Automation

G Systems’ low-cost VSAT Transmitter and Receiver test station can improve your experience while also offering full test automation and – when needed – customization services.

The VSAT Transmitter and Receiver Test Station is a low-cost, COTS-based test station for testing transmitters and receivers used in a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) antenna. The test station is capable of full range testing of block up-converters (BUC) and low noise block down-converters (LNB).

The configurable software and reports also allow G Systems to provide you with custom applications and complete test automation. Our VSAT test station produces tests that are rapid, repeatable, and offer increased throughput.   


The custom software enables you to choose the device under test (DUT) part number and serial number and runs the test based on configured parameters for the chosen part. In addition, configuration GUI allows you to enter and edit DUT parameters.

Sample DUT block diagram

Our software provides you with on-screen guidance during the calibration measurement process. At the end of each test the software stores all results in a spreadsheet format and generates a printable report in PDF format.

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