Modernize Your Test Systems to Keep Your Operations Going

G Systems is a trusted partner in the aerospace and defense industry for test system modernization. No matter what obsolescence challenge you are facing, we’ll design custom solutions that mitigate the challenges to your operations and optimize your test systems moving forward.

We are offering a free consultation to discuss the obsolescence challenges your organization is either facing now or would like to proactively address before major issues arise. 

The free consultation includes up to 5 hours on the following activities:

    • Evaluate current system status and situation
    • Provide expert advice on opportunities for improvement
    • Provide software migration services
    • Conduct hardware research and provide alternates and approaches
    • Perform efficiency and cost studies
    • Provide system modernization approaches
    • Evaluate software, drivers and APIs for compatibility and efficiency

You really have nothing to lose! 

Complete the Form or Call Today to Discuss Your Obsolescence Needs and Schedule the Consultation.

Mark Krause, VP Sales and Marketing

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Full Software Migrations to Extend the Lifespan of Your Test System

Still running your test system on Windows 7 or XP? We know that software migrations are not as simple as downloading a new OS to a desktop. That’s why we bring the expertise to manage your software migrations end-to-end, with upgrades and new drivers that minimize impact to your operations.

Custom Solutions for Aging Test System Parts and Obsolete Hardware

As test systems age, spare parts become harder to find. Our team takes a strategic approach to modernizing test systems, working with you to overcome challenges with obsolete replacement parts and supply chain delays. We redesign your systems for longevity by developing custom solutions that are built to optimize your current and future operations.

Mitigating Test System Challenges Before They Occur

It can be difficult to stay on top of test system upgrades because of the time and resources required, which is why aging hardware and software aren’t often addressed until something goes wrong. We make modernizing test systems easier for you and your team by managing the full process and minimizing downtime, so you can avoid headaches down the road. 

  • Maximize cybersecurity
  • Reduce downtime, slow executions, and errors
  • Redesign for longevity
  • Overcome challenges with the supply chain
  • Protect your operations

Working with the G Systems Team

We have the obsolescence expertise on our engineering and production teams to help you overcome the challenges you are facing and develop proactive solutions. 

We are a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) with cybersecurity compliance at the forefront of all we do.

As a small, agile team, procurement agility is vital. We anticipate uncertainty, adapt to changes, move quickly, and have creative solutions for issues such as supply chain.